Who Will Build the Roads: The Business Plan

It is a common rebuttal to Voluntarism, “if there is no government who will build the roads”. I believe this questions is actually quite easy to answer. Also it is possible to apply this model almost anywhere in the world as we speak. It is important to note that the concept I am presenting is but one possible solution.

The concept I am proposing involves a separation between those who build and maintain the roads and those who the drivers pay for use of the roads. This would mean one set of companies would be in charge of the roads. These businesses would ranch from administration, policy enforcement, maintenance and construction.

The administration side would over look their given roads. Whether they be under one company or hiring a set of contractors, they play the roll of organization of the other elements of taking care of the roads. The administration also involved in the negotiation of price rates that the middle man companies will pay.

The policy enforcement side of the roads would be in charge of enforcing the rules set by the administration. The rules can range from speed of travel and keeping non paying travelers(trespassers) off their roads.

The maintenance and construction part of the business is in charge of keeping the roads in optimal condition and to construct additional roads as needed. This will include things like snow removal, clearing obstetrical, and conduction preventative maintenance.

As mentioned, administrative, policy enforcement, maintenance and construction would be under on company or a company working with a number of contractors. which works best is something that would be determined by the market.

The second part to this business plan would be the middle man. This is the company that the driver interacts with. The company would negotiate for the best price to use the roads and charge the driver for use of the road.

So in short the roads would be maintained by a set of companies, and charges would be paid by another that charges the driver. This will mean that the one driver will not get a bill from every road he drives on but will pay the middle man who will pay the road owners. Thus saving the driver time.

This is obviously a very summarized plan, but i hope it gets the point across a little that a group of businesses can replace the government roads. Yes this system involves paying for travel, but we already do through vehicle registration, gas tax, and property taxes.


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