The Significance of Deez Nuts


Recently in a Public Policy Polling in North Carolina found that 9% of the people polled stated they supported a candidate going by the name of Deez Nuts. The main question people will ask is why, or what significance does this poll have. Does it show that the people of our country are merely so dumb down they will vote for a guy because of his comical name or is there more to this. Is it that people are becoming dissatisfied with there parties and find no viable candidate in the current 2016 presidential race.

How ever you take the poll showing of Deez Nuts, its important to keep a few things in mind. Its hard to take Deez Nuts as anything other then a protest candidate, but he is far from the first individual to run for president in order to protest the political system. Taking Vermin Supreme as an example who ran for president in 2004, 2008, 2012, and now in 2016. Vermin Supreme running for his fourth time has developed a small cult following over his years of running for office. The significance of candidate like Deez Nuts is simple and shows the states of politics in America. When we see candidates like Deez Nuts it show that a portion of the United States is not happy with the current selections for president in 2016.


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