Time to School Ya!

Shooting after shooting what do they all have in common, could it be that they are almost always in gun free zones? Are gun free zones proving along with the prohibition of curtain drugs, that prohibition causes or allows for violence? What is we dropped all gun bans and legalized all drugs? Would you be safer then than you are now?

It has been said that in prehistoric man wars was fought and won by those with the biggest stick. If so how does this relate to firearms. in thinking about it, it is very simple the one with the largest firearm has the power to win or it may just be in our case of gun control to oppress people.

Lets say our government does ban guns and diss arms people, and everyone goes with it. Then the government starts taking more away and then even more. The question here is who is going to stop the government from treading on the people. The people surely can’t or if they do it would likely get them killed. Other countries aren’t going too fight for the rights of other people in another country.

From another angle your a student in a class room its a seemingly normal day and your professor is talking to your class about the normal stuff, but then a former student bursts in the door with a handgun he got off the black market or a crocked gun dealer. Your unarmed, because your government officials say your safer unarmed. The former student shoots the teacher and then turns on the students. You may be lucky and not get shot or if you do get shot lucky to survive, and at the end of the day the news and media will take about how bad guns are and how they should be banned or restricted. But lets rewind, lets say this is a world where guns are allowed in in the college class room. The professor is up there talking and the former student walks in gun drawn, but this time a student is armed in the classroom and shoots the former student. My point of this is that in which situation are you better off.

Drugs and crime are nearly one and the same these days. You ask people why there is so much crime involved in illegal drugs they may say it was to do with money, but there is money in selling cars I don’t see the local car dealer doing drive by’s. What is the very violence related to drug dealing was a direct consequence of the illegality of it. Drive by’s and gang violence revolve around illegal drug trade. This is due to competition over area to sell drugs, but some might ask why doesn’t Coke and Pepsi act this way. The reality is with legal products shooting the Pepsi delivery man has no profit for example. But with illegal products advertising and promotion deals are out of the question because that will end you up in jail.

So why are drugs illegal? In my opinion everyone needs a bad guy to blame problems on. By blaming social problems on drugs and other thing the government creates a scap goat in which to blame it problems on. there is also the thing of race, that it is an engine to land minorities in jail, which it is doing. African Americans make up 14% of drug users but of those who go to jail for the crime they make up 65%. It is easy to see in those numbers that African Americans are being targeted by the war on drugs.

So ask your self this is prohibition really a good thing or is it like the small pox lased blankets of our modern day society.



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