Its Best for the Herd

With the resent out break of of Measles in several areas of the United States, there is a large media push to get all parents to vaccinate. One news outlet stated “Its Whats Good for the Herd” referring to Herd Immunization. Some people are going as far as to say that unvaccinated children should not attend public school. As someone who isn’t a fan of the public school system that sounds like a win, win, but that’s for another time.

The problem with the argument of forced immunization is this, should the government have a say in your child’s health. As a Christian, I would not tolerate my children being force feed a believe system that is not my own. Nor would an atheist tolerate his children being force feed Christianity. So why should a parent that makes a decision based of their beliefs not to immunize, be forced to immunize there children.



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