Does Weed Kill?

Illegal drugs like Marijuana, make up the largest portion of the black market. Everywhere we are told these drugs are dangerous and that they can kill. Which is generally true, but so does alcohol and tobacco. There is one drug that some states are legalizing even though it still is illegal federally. That drug is weed, and it is definitely very common and makes up a large portion of the drug trade.

We hear it from stoners all the time how great weed it, how you can’t over dose or it helps with all these different diseases. Often there isn’t much in the way of research to prove many of those claims due to the legality of marijuana.  So if I can’t show you evidence of weed being good it’s the end of the road its bad, right? Well that would be leaving out the economics of it and the fact people want pot.

If any thing is dangerous about pot it’s being on the business end of the trade. Because of the legality of marijuana it leads to violence in many ways. First you get the fighting of territory to sell the drugs. Second you got people how don’t pay getting killed. Third you got officers killed by dealers, smugglers, and other people in the business. Fourth the dealer, smuggles, and other people in the business that get killed by officers. Fifth is the innocent people that get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. So yes weed kills ,but only because its illegal.



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