Mortenson v. Snook (CoS-CLC Unanswered Indictment #130201)

The following is the officially released unanswered indictment from the Committee of Safety – Common Law Court in the matter of Chris Mortenson v. Ed Snook. On July 22nd of 2013, the Grand Jury found probable cause on 10 counts against Ed Snook.



Count 1: Breach of Contract – That no paperwork was provided by Snook to either Mortenson or Swan, verifying the existence of a Contract; That no accounting was provided, as required by the Contract, indicating charges; That no notice of termination was provided to the Client. That minimally any verbal statement as to termination, if even that existed, is contrary to the Contract, itself.

Count 2: Breach of Contract – That Snook had terminated the Contract without cause, notwithstanding that claim that he can terminate the Contract at any time, since the Contract has specific causes for termination [E, Provisions of Contract], which is contradictory to the blanket provision for termination at discretion [G, Provisions of Contract], which is unjustified if specific provisions are provided (one negates the other), which would lead on to believe that any discretion would have to be based upon the enumerated causes.

Count 3: Breach of Contract – In that Ed Snook entered into multiple contracts with non-aligned clients on the same case of Charles Dyer, much to the detriment of not only Chris Mortenson, but also Janet Dyer, and Amy Dark, in violation of his obligation to Mortenson.

Count 4: Fraudulent Inducement to Contract – In that Ed Snook fraudulently induced Debra Swan, on behalf of Chris Mortenson, to sign a contract by offering a money-back guarantee should Snook fail to keep up his obligation under the contract.

Count 5: Fraud – In that Ed Snook fraudulently solicited for payment from Janet Dyer, and her daughter Amy Dark, all the while knowing that the US Observer contract for the Charles Dyer article had already been contracted with Chris Mortenson.

Count 6: Fraud – In that Ed Snook fraudulently contracted with the Dyer family to write the Charles Dyer story while also receiving payment from Chris Mortenson for the exact same product.

Count 7: Threat – Ed Snook threatened to engage in character assassination campaign against Debra Swan (agent for Mortenson) if she did not comply with his demands.

Count 8: Libel – Ed Snook wrote and published an article in the US Observer whereby, with malicious intent, he caused public derision and hatred against Chris Mortenson and Debra Swan.

Count 9: Slander – Ed Snook was interviewed on The Free American rado show where he made malicious mischaracterizations of Debra Swan and Chris Mortenson.

Count 10: Defamation – Ed Snook, and his known associates, have made inflammatory and malicious accusations about Chris Mortenson and Debra Swan, and claimed that there was no contract.


[Download PDF]


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