James Sims [aka, J Sims] – Wall of Shame (CoS-CLC)

The following is an officially released document from the Committee of Safety – Common Law Court regarding James Sims (alias J Sims). He is dishonored for his failure to participate in the CLC as per his promise to fulfill his duties as a grand juror that he willingly volunteered for.



On August 28, 2012, the Committee of Safety – Common Law Court, having received a Complaint, sent an email to the Grand Jury pool. The Grand Jury (and all other Court personnel) are voluntary positions. The email was to ask for volunteers for Grand Jury #1203.

Subsequent emails were sent out until responses were received from most members of the Grand Jury pool.

James Joseph Sims (aka, J Sims; simsj90@yahoo.com) replied on September 3, 2012, agreeing to serve on Grand Jury #1203.

Mr. Sims only posted a total of 3 times on the Liberty Tree Forum, only within the first few days of deliberation, each one consisting of only a few words that were unproductive and once antagonistic to the Grand Jury Foreman. When asked to provide more detail about his initial comments, he refused to explain himself, or to participate any further, which is required by virtue of his volunteering. He has dishonored himself by proving his unreliability to the Patriot Community after he willingly volunteered to participate in the Grand Jury investigation.

Considering Mr. Sims’ lack of participation, as well as his unnecessarily disruptive actions when he did participate, it is hereby stated for and on the record that James Sims be placed on the Common Law Court’s Wall of Shame.


[Download PDF]


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