Executive Order #10999

“Executive Order #10999”

by John F. Kennedy

“The Secretary of Commerce (hereinafter referred to as the Secretary) shall prepare national emergency plans and develop preparedness programs covering:
(a) Development and coordination of over-all policies, plans, and procedures for the provision of a centralized control of all modes of transportation in an emergency for the movement of passenger and freight traffic of all types, and the determination of the proper apportionment and allocation of the total civil transportation capacity, or any portion thereof, to meet over-all essential civil and military needs.
(b) Federal emergency operational responsibilities with respect to: highways, roads, streets, bridges, tunnels, and appurtenances; highway traffic regulation; allocation of air carrier aircraft for essential military and civilian operations; ships in coastal and intercoastal use and ocean shipping, ports and port facilities; and the Saint Lawrence Seaway; except those elements of each normally operated or controlled by the Department of Defense.
(c) The production and distribution of all materials, the use of all production facilities, the control of all construction materials, and the furnishing of basic industrial services except the following:

(1) Production and distribution of and use of facilities for petroleum, solid fuels, gas, and electric power;
(2) Production, processing, distribution and storage of food resources and the use of food resource facilities for such production, processing, distribution, and storage;
(3) Domestic distribution of farm equipment and fertilizer;
(4) Use of communications services and facilities, housing, and lodging facilities, and health and welfare facilities;
(5) Production, and related distribution, of minerals defined as all raw materials of mineral origin (except petroleum, gas, solid fuels, and source materials as defined in the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended) obtained by mining and like operations and processed through the stages specified, and at the facilities designated in an agreement between the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of the Interior as being within the emergency preparedness responsibilities of the Secretary of the Interior, and the construction and use of facilities designated as within the responsibilities of the Secretary of the Interior;
(6) Distribution of items in the supply systems of, or controlled by the Department of Defense and the Atomic Energy Commission, and
(7) Construction and use of civil aviation facilities.

(d) Fallout forecasting based on current weather data.
(e) Collection and reporting of census data for emergency planning purposes. These plans and programs shall be designed to develop a state of readiness in those areas with respect to all degrees of national emergency, including attack upon the United States.”

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