Where Were You When the Land of the Free Became the Land of the Slave?

It seams that every time there is a law to limit the rights of the people that the people tend to turn a blind eye to it. Our government seams to always have a bullet in the chamber when it comes to limiting your rights. So my question is “Where were you when the Land of the Free became the Land of the Slave?” will you be at home in front of the flickering TV screen, or will you be taking action against those who oppress you.

Many people think that if the government starts stepping on the people that the people would rise up against the government like what has happened in Middle East this spring. Well America in a way had there “Arab Spring” as it has been come to be known with the Occupy Movement. The truth is that Americans are not willing to stick to the movement or use physical force of violence, unlike those in the Middle East. Though there is one movement that has shown to have some promise as a movement that has the ability to have longevity. The Ron Paul Revolution as in has come to be called is a movement that is based on Dr. Ron Paul a Congressman and 2012 Presidential Candidate.

The Ron Paul Revolution has amassed a strong following on the internet. It seams that anyone who states there dislike of the Doctor on youtube that there video will have tons of dislikes and very little likes. Ron Paul also has shown to be well supported by College Students and the US Military. Though it seams to me that the Ron Paul Revolution has not been successful enough to bring the changes needed to reverse the current trend of government, but was been successful in creating change in the minds of the supporters. The Ron Paul Revolution has had its limitations, the mainstream media was completely ignored the Ron Paul Revolution. Even Ron Paul himself is over looked by the media even though Ron Paul has such a strong following.

The Mainstream media has been the blind in the window so to speak, to what is going on in the government. Because most people get there news from CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and other large media outlets, the news media can control the thoughts and minds of the public. If they want to create panic over gas prices the air stories about the high gas prices, and if they want to create panic over guns they put together a horror story about guns. This equally works in the reverse that if they don’t want to cover something the just won’t cover it. With that in mind you can start to see the danger of large media outlets overwhelming smaller news outlets. It is important for people to look into alternative media and using many different media outlets.

It also seams the the public seams not to care about the direction of our country. The mentality of the people is that they don’t care unless it effects them directly. That is a dangerous way to think about it, to not stand up for supporting the basic rights of others how can you expect for others to stand up for yours. What the people need to wake up and realize is that if we allow ourselves to give up any rights for a false promise by the government, the right will probably never be returned to the people. In the end giving up any right will not make you safer, in truth freedom is the greatest security.

So with all this in mind ask yourself, “where will I be when the Land of the Free becomes the Land of the Slave?” Because if you ask me America is looking less and less like the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave every day


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