American Government: Gun Bans

There is no denying that guns can and have been used to kill people even since they were invented. It seams to be at the base of all anti-gun propaganda that you ban guns you will save lives, but would it really work. Many countries in Europe have banned the civilian ownership of gun, but are they any safer.

A gun ban in America would make a huge impact on the economy, the political system, and the mind set of the people. Because of the gun laws in America are limited by the constitution, the American economy has a large number of people who rely on the legality of firearms. Considering the condition of which the economy is in the lose of more jobs by itself could lead to political unrest as the economy falls deeper into a hole.

The issue of gun rights is a hot button issue in America. For those who believe in the rights given to the people through the Bill of Rights the idea of the banning of firearms would be a traitorous of what our founding fathers had set out for us. Some could even rise up in rebellion against the government itself. On the other hand the people who do support the outright ban on guns would see it as the elimination of what they see as a problem in today’s society and the elimination of out dated laws. But what would happen in a post 2nd Amendment America?

In an America where guns are banned there is no questioning that the chances of civil unrest. Given that many people would lose there lively hood in the event of such ban many Americans would lose their lively. The fact that some people who lose there lively hood could leave those people with nothing left to lose. Some people would even see the ban on firearms as an attack of the freedoms and fight to reclaim them.

There is no way to determine exactly what will happen if the government was to ban fire arms, but it is safe to say that the effects could threaten the safety of the people. As always people have the right to have there own opinions, but the people also have to understand that for every action there is the equal and opposite reaction.


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