American Government: Do You Really Own Your Land.

There is no denying that people buy land everyday from other well meaning people. The thing is if you own the land why are you still having to pay the Government money to live on it. Sure the money does go to services to protect your home like the police and fire department. Truth is that is only a fraction of what you pay in taxes that goes to those services. The rest goes into the pockets of the government.

Like a land lord the government makes you pay to live in your home and if you do not pay they will forcefully remove you from the home you paid to get. If you ask the government, why do you tax the people, they would say its to help the people by giving them protection. I argue against this idea of taxing ones property. If you rightfully own the land you live on the government should never have the right to remove you from your land. Nor should the government have the right to tax you for something you own. Now many would argue if the government didn’t kick people off there property then no one would ever pay taxes and the services the government does would never exist. Though that maybe true at some point there has to be a tax to pay for the function of government, but should you be forced to pay for a service?

So next time your filing you taxes ask your self this do I really own the land I live on or does the government. Also does the government have the right to force me to pay for a service whether I want it or not.


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