American Government: The Shit Throwing Match

Into today’s world it is very clear that the American Government is consisting of two parties fighting over ground. The question that the American People need to ask is whether this is good for them or not. Sure there is the idea that they compete to serve you better to earn your vote, but is that really what happens. Do our government officials really serve the people?

Statistics have shown that the number of votes directly relates to the amount of money spent by the candidate. So then ask yourself this is America a Democratic Republic, or is it the person who buys the more votes that wins. There is no questioning the lobbyist money flows through the veins of our government officials. Both the Republicans and Democrats have there lobbyists there is no denying that. The thing you need to ask yourself is that how does this help you out any. Is that banking lobbyist going to talk the congress into passing a law to help you when your house is foreclosed on? Is that arms dealer lobbyist lobby to end the war and bring our troops home from the unconstitutional wars? The truth is no, the practice of lobbying is something that will very rarely if ever help the American people. Lobbyists exist for the soul reason of manipulating the government to the favor of the Corporations they serve. Though don’t get me wrong I do believe in the free market, but we don’t have that anymore in America.

To understand the government you have to look beyond the leftist and rightist idea. The idea that the republicans are better then the Democrats or vice versa, is a foolish thing to say because different politicians have different lobbyists they serve, and i say the lobbyists they serve over the idea they have a point of view, because most times they do change their views for the lobbyists. So this in mind the only difference between the Republicans and Democrats is the lobbyists they serve.

My point of this short post it to hopefully get you to start thinking about and asking what is really going on in our Government. Also I would like to urge you to look into alternative media sources, due to the bias in the televised media outlets. You would be amazed how bias the main stream media outlets are. You can not get the full news and analysis from a bias news source like Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and any other Mainstream News. Even if there Bias in your favor your only hearing what you want to hear and that is not news its entertainment.


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