Evolution: Its Still Just a Theory

It seems to me that in today’s world we have grow to believe that evolution is a complete fact. Sadly it is still only a theory and though there is evidence it seems that to this day no one has been able to put everything together. Yet so many people are willing to bash the religious because of there beliefs. Though in the case of most religions at least they have written text that support there claim. Not to say that I have completely rejected the idea of evolution completely. Though I may reject the idea of macro-evolution, I do how every believe in the idea of micro-evolution.

My reasoning behind accepting the idea of micro-evolution over macro-evolution is through facts and reasoning. With any basic knowledge of genetics you will know you are not genetically the same as your mother or your father, but a combination of both with maybe a few mutations. Now we have to think about will your genetic make up help you survive or will it hurt your chance of survival. This is Survival of the Fittest, the weak will die off and the strong will live. This slow but steady change is micro-evolution. unlike macro-evolution that if over tens of thousands of years.

My main reason for rejecting the idea of macro-evolution is that there are evidence out there. Unfortunately the lack of the the ability to recreate the events that would need to take place for the evolutionary theory to become fact. For example even in the most advanced labs in the world and under the most perfect conditions for life to form, life can still not be created from where there once was none. Even just this example makes many of the scientific theories about where life come from up side down.

So with this in mind I would say what there is no need to give up ones religion just because of a theory. It is as I always say, “Every ones bucket has holes in it”, so lets see who will be the first and only one to carry a full bucket back from the well of knowledge. Thank you for reading my blog, sorry If I don’t post to often, I don’t always have the time to post, and have a nice day.


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